Cairo Green


CAIRO GREEN's pack-house is located in the farm itself. We grow, we pack, we ship. No middlemen thereby, zero chances of mixing packs of other batches from other farms. Our pack-house policy refuses to work with any off farm products, this ensures product safety and quality consistency with no additional cost to the products. Our goal is to have a steady business with mutual benefits on both sides. CAIRO GREEN staff members and labor care about their customers' health and wellbeing. Another advantage of CAIRO GREEN is that you can get in touch with our highly selected, foreign and local, product consultants. The best aspect Farm/pack-house is its staff members. We are one solid ambitious team with zero ethnic or religious discrimination. Whereby, each member owns a share of our annual net profit aside from their fixed salary to ensure a secured product quality consistency.

Who we are

More than just a farm

CAIRO GREEN previously known as GHONEIM FARMS, is founded by Engineer Kamal Ghoneim; Egyptian businessman and CEO of GHONEIM GROUP which consists of a number of companies in 3 different fields - Road construction since 1967, Real Estate Development since 1978 and Agricultural Investments in 2006. CAIRO GREEN gained rapid experience by selecting the best consultants and staff members out there by following our company policy - " No time for trials".